Top 27 Free Motorhome Apps

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The Best Free Motorhome Apps

Looking for free parking for a campsite on your motorhome trip? Or apps that make life on the road that bit easier?  Find the top 27 FREE motorhome apps in this ultimate guide.

Top Motorhome Overnight Parking Apps

These campervan apps provide collated information about paid and free overnight motorhome parking including wild camping spots, motorhome aires and campsites. Much of the information has been provided by the communities who download and share information with the app.

Google Earth is here because it’s our go-to common sense checker when we find what looks like an awesome wild camping spot which we want to check is suitable for a longer motorhome. Like all the apps on this list, they can be downloaded from the App Store or Goole Play.


Top motorhome parking app

A great free app resource listing places to stop from aires and campsites to fields and lay-bys. We started off as seeing this as the last chance saloon but we now think it’s the best of all the wild camping apps. Pay €9.99 a year or €2.29 a month for the ability to use the Park4Night app offline and access other advanced features. It is also possible to install Park4Night on your Garmin, TomTom, iGo and Mappy sat navs for around €22 per device as in app purchases, or via their online store.


A similar concept, the Campercontact app is easy to navigate and our second go-to wild camping app. £5.99 for the full off-line version annually. Point of interest (POI) downloads are available for between €10-20, depending on map coverage selected.


Billed as ‘the easy way to find campsites and motorhome stopovers across Europe’. There is an app but searchforsites themselves suggest using the website for a better experience. We find it a bit messy but if you’re looking for a site that isn’t ACSI it’s useful. Its free to use and also possible to download their data onto your Garmin or TomTom sat nav although there is a cost to this.


Similar to those above. The app costs €5.49 a year after a seven day free trial, which allows for offline use. The hard copy book costs €21.20 from the Campserstop website.


A great resource for cheap out of season sites with discounted rates, although generally these sites cannot be booked in advance if you want to take advantage of the ACSI rate. You get a book and can add online access (which works offline too) when you sign up from €12.95.


Another relatively new stopover and sight finder. Campy is free of charge. We like the clean and simple feel of the website and app interface and it gets very good reviews.

Brit Stops

A UK based scheme with sites far and wide, from the deep south west to the north of Scotland, which utilised pub car parks for motorhome overnight parking. There is no fee and no obligation but most people will have a drink or eat a meal in the pub. Services are usually limited although fresh water is often available. The Britstops book (there is no app) costs £28 plus £3.60 postage…this is feeling a bit out-dated now as many pubs will happy provide parking and can be found on Park4Night and other apps shared here.

France Passion

Fantastic scheme that allows you to stay with French farmers, wine produces, cheese makers and so on, on their land and free of charge. The France Passion guide costs €30 and includes access to their web based site for searching.

Portugal EasyCamp

A relative new-comer (2019) to Portugal and a great alternative to wild camping, the Portugal EasyCamp scheme is similar to France Passion but operates in a slightly different way. You go online and buy a product before heading to the farm or vineyard where you can then stay for 24 hours. The scheme is in its infancy with over 40 vineyards signed up and certainly worth a try if you are heading to Portugal. Read our review of Portugal EasyCamp here.

Google Earth

A tool we use in conjunction with Park4Night and other parking apps in particular, to identify suitability of metal roads and tracks for our motorhome. Google Earth is also helpful in 3D when looking at gradients and in mountainous areas when wild camping or accessing sites.

Top Motorhome Travel Apps

This is a varied collection of free apps which will help your motorhome travels go smoothly.  From finding motorway services to calculating toll costs, it’s all here.


The only mapping app we know that will let you configure for a campervan or twin axle vehicle. It returns pretty accurate fuel and toll costs for routes when touring Europe. Mappy is only available as an app on Android phones. 


We love the TravelSpend app for keeping track of all our spending in foreign currencies. We use it to calculate road trip costs and see where we are against budget and in which areas we are spending most.

Yescapa Leveller

This Yescapa Leveller app is a handy tool to help level your motorhome corner by corner when using chocks. Includes a compass so you can position for the best sunrise or sunset!

If you use a Gaslow, Gasit or Safefill system, is the best app to help you find LPG (known as GPL on the continent) in Europe. With over 46,000 stations listed, you never need to run out of gas again! 


what3words is an ingenious app that allows you to pin point within feet your location and either share or navigate to another location.  Use to find other motorhomers you are meeting or to alert emergency services to your whereabouts. 


Like more than 3 million people, we use Petrol to find the cheapest gas station around. This app displays the most comprehensive gas station database including prices, location and services in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Morocco.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is helpful when looking for reviews on restaurants and attractions. Be balanced when looking at a campsite for example, if there is one crappy review but 30 great ones, then on the balance of probabilities, the great ones are probably more accurate. Useful ‘near me’ functionality.

Top Motorhome Sat Nav Apps

Driving a large vehicle in Europe can be challenging! There’s so much to say about this subject that we wrote a whole other post on it! See our top motorhome sat nav apps post for all the information you need to decide which is the best sat nav app for you.

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Top Apps for Life on the Road


Lets you organise and store recipes and search for meal ideas according to your dietary needs and what you have in the cupboard. Yummly is ideal for that night of wild camping when you didn’t know it was a public holiday!

Culture Trip

This great app lets you discover what’s special about wherever you’re visiting by the people who call it their home. Culture Trip lets you share recommendations and save info off-line to review later.  


Select your language and the language into which you’re translating in iTranslate, talk to the phone and the phone will verbally translate. We think it’s better than Google Translate and its free when you have wifi or 4g.  Its £4.99 a month for the pro version which provides offline services.


A pin point accurate satellite weather forecaster, Windy was originally developed for kite-surfers. Provides all the weather stats you need wherever you are in the world with seven days of forecasting.  One thing it can’t do is take your awning in for you! 


Well, obviously!  What’s a road trip without road trip songs – and Spotify is our fave to play them. Find out more about our best road trips here.

Sky View

Have you found that incredible wild camping spot with zero light pollution?  Then do some star gazing with the Sky View app which tells you what’s what in the night sky. Grown up kids (and the real ones) love this!


You don’t need a Kindle to read books on your tablet or phone, just download the Kindle app.  Of course, you have to pay for the books but it’s by far the best way to read and while away the time when travelling.  Us up your precious payload for wine instead!


An awesome little tool, Snapseed enables you to edit your smartphone photos.  Add filters and create pre-sets, crop and rotate and add text. Be the envy of your friends on Insta!


The go-to search engine for anything to do with travel, or anything else really!  Pinterest lets you search by keyword to find images and information you like, which you can then ‘pin’ and save to your Pinterest account. This means you have a virtual pin board of all the destinations and attractions which interest you, with loads of information at your fingertips.


There are loads of motorhome forums on Facebook where people exchange and share information about destinations, sites and wild camping spots as well as practical motorhome advice. Our group is the best of course!  Come on over and join us, were really friendly!

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This post may contain affiliate links, from which we earn an income.