When we started travelling in our motorhome, we found it difficult to find accurate sources of advice and information.  All too often, Google would deliver the same generic messages about how to do this, or that, and little truly helpful detail.  We wanted someone who would tell us the tips only real motorhomers know after actually living life on the road.  So, we thought we’d write a few ebook guides ourselves – exactly what we wished we’d had when starting our adventure!

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  • We have years of experience camping, caravanning and motorhoming in the UK and Europe. We’ve also lived in our motorhome full-time for over two years…meaning lots of motorhome hours to learn and understand exactly what works (and doesn’t!).
  • We are one of the top campervan and motorhome blogs in the UK, with over 100,000 views monthly and a community of over 10,000 motorhomers.
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Some of Our Reviews...

Kelvin P
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What a fantastic blog. NOTHING is too much trouble for Izzy & Phil. Such a wealth of information in each blog and they are never holding back in advice. As a newbie, we get inspiration to go on an adventure that we never thought we would do. Thank you so much guys.
Nathan O
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Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and advice. Knowing that I can email and get an answer to a specific question is invaluable. You always give clear and specific details and respond quickly...we really appreciate it and wish you continued success with the website.
Sarah H
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Fantastic, practical, funny and inspiring blog and website with loads of very useful information. We are just about to commence our own Grand Tour and are therefore very appreciative of all the efforts Phil and Izzy have put into all of their super helpful resources.

The Ultimate Motorhome Buyers Guide

With over 50 pages of detailed information, tips and advice, this book will guide you through the complex process of choosing and buying your first motorhome. Covering all aspects of motorhome purchase, including how to buy safely, our guide is based on our experiences of buying motorhomes for ourselves and supporting others to find the right motorhome for their needs.

the ultimate motorhome buyers guide


includes free lifetime updates

  • Types of Motorhomes 
  • Twelve Questions to Ownership
  • The Costs of Owning a Motorhome
  • When’s the Best Time to Buy?
  • Makes & Models
  • Motorhome Specifications
  • Motorhome Layouts
  • Buying a Used Motorhome
  • Buying a New Motorhome
  • Collecting Your Motorhome

A Complete Guide for Motorhome Beginners

With over 70 pages of researched information and lived scenarios, this is the book that all new motorhomers need in their van!  With tips and advice on many varied topics, from how the nuts and bolts of your motorhomes systems work, to where to park for the night and ideas for touring France, you’ll soon start to see this book as a true friend!


includes free lifetime updates

  • Taking Your New Van Home
  • How Does Your Motorhome Work?
  • Electrics, Water, Waste & Gas
  • Staying Connected
  • Motorhome Packing & Weights
  • Motorhome Safety & Security
  • Taking You First Motorhome Trip
  • Some Common Issues
  • Motorhome Trip Planning
  • Motorhome Checklists

Planning Your Moroccan Motorhome Adventure

With over 50 pages of detailed and up to date information, this ebook will help you plan, prepare and visit Morocco in your motorhome. Covering key subjects such as safety, insurance and services in Morocco as well as advice on what you need to do before you leave home and where to go when you get there, this book will fully equip you for an awesome Moroccan adventure!


includes free lifetime updates

  • Things to Know About Morocco
  • Is it Safe to Road Trip in Morocco?
  • Preparing Your Motorhome for Morocco
  • Money
  • Data & Connectivity
  • Getting There
  • At The Port
  • Driving a Motorhome in Morocco
  • Moroccan Stopovers
  • Where To?

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