The Ultimate Motorhome Buyers Guide

The top motorhome buyers ebook that shares how to save money, time and stress and buy the right motorhome first time round.

FACT: did you know that 70% of motorhomers say it took owning three motorhomes before they found the right one?  Yep, thats right, THREE motorhomes bought and sold unnecessarily.

Buying your first motorhome is a big deal – for many, it involves using precious life savings or a lump sum from a pension, money that should be spent wisely.  

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you may end up buying the wrong motorhome, living with it for a year and then selling it to buy a model that suits your needs better – this is what happens to 70% of motorhomers. What a waste of time that is, and a potential waste of money too. 

We know that buying a motorhome for the first time is a stressful maze of makes, models, layouts, bed configurations, extras and add-ons – sometimes you look at so many, you start to lose track of what you want and need.  Getting sucked in by the gorgeous finish, or a raft of ‘too good to miss’ extras is easy if you don’t understand your needs and haven’t set any parameters. 

The Ultimate Motorhome Buyers Guide will help you solve all those problems!

Buying a motorhome has never been simpler!  

the ultimate motorhome buyers guide

Don’t find out the hard way, make it easy with our comprehensive guide to help you choose and buy your perfect motorhome.

All our tips, tricks and secrets revealed in this step-by-step guide.

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With over 50 pages of detailed information, tips and advice, this book will guide you through the complex process of choosing and buying your first motorhome. Covering all aspects of motorhome purchase, including how to buy safely, our guide is based on our own experiences of buying motorhomes for ourselves, and supporting others to find the right motorhome for their needs.

Forget about books padded out with fluff – we provide concise and detailed information in simple terms, and printable checklists in one easy to use guide. 

Types of Motorhomes 

Twelve Questions

Running Costs

When to Buy

Makes & Models

Motorhome Specs

Motorhome Layouts

Buying Used

Buying New

Handover & Collection 

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living in a campervan full time
We’re Izzy and Phil.  We’ve been living in our motorhome full-time in UK and Europe for nearly three years now. We have years of experience camping, caravanning and motorhoming in the UK and Europe, and have owned four vans during our motorhome “career”! That means lots of motorhome hours to learn and understand exactly what works (and doesn’t!).

We are one of the top motorhome and campervan blogs in the UK, with over 100,000 views monthly and a community of over 10,000 motorhomers. 

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Some of Our Reviews...

Simon J
The Complete Guide for Motorhome Beginners
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Just wanted to say a big thank you for all help and advice you shared in your ebook. Your detailed explanations were so helpful. We enjoyed a successful first trip following your guide this weekend! 
Vicky K
The Complete Guide for Motorhome Beginners
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Full of loads of helpful tips and info, wish we'd have bought it sooner.
The Ultimate Motorhome Buyers
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Excellent and well presented information, very helpful. Well worth the cost in order to avoid mistakes. Highly recommended and good value for money.
the ultimate motorhome buyers guide

immediate download | free liftetime updates

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