The Best Motorhome Gadgets (that you will actually use!)

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The Best Motorhome & Campervan Gadgets

If you love motorhoming then you’ll know that having the right kit makes all the difference. Check out our pick of the latest, best and most useful motorhome and campervan gadgets and essential accessories, tried and tested by us over three years of full time motorhome life.

All our camper gadgets have been picked because we, or other van lifers we know, have tried and recommended them.

Our gadgets only make the list if they perform, are lightweight and are (usually) dual or multi-purpose, and all of them will make life on the road just that little bit easier.

Motorhome Gadgets for Tech & Power

best campervan gadgets

The daddy of all car phone chargers and one of the best motorhome accessories for a road trip. It took us a while to click on to keeping stuff fully charged on the move rather than using our leisure batteries once stationary (a bit thick, I know!).

Since then we have tried a few; they wobble around in the cigarette lighter hole, lose connection when you go over a bump and charge your devices at a snail’s pace, especially when it’s a tablet or charging brick. This Belkin Dual USB Charger is sturdy, feels well made and fits the hole perfectly 😉

12 mini inverter for campers and motorhomes

This nifty little Bestek 200w Mini Inverter plugs into your motorhome 12v socket (you may need an adaptor for non-UK motorhomes) and provides two USB ports and two conventional plug sockets.

This handy inverter will power all your essential campervan accessories such as your TV, devices and smaller items like a camera or shaver. It’s not suitable for things like hairdryers, straighteners, irons or kettles 🙁

gadgets for campervans

Alternatively, or if you prefer to use the power of the sun and don’t want fixed solar panels, this BigBlue 28W Folding Solar Charger is one of our favourite van life gadgets and packs down flat, weighs hardly anything and is waterproof.

The folding portable solar panel will charge three devices simultaneously via the fixed USB ports and will provide insurance against flat batteries, a must-have for your next motorhome camping trip.

best gadgets for motorhomes

This tiny Anker Soundcore Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker delivers great sound and 15 hours of playing time from a single micro USB charge, never worry about battery life again! 

Perfect for your motorhome or awning, especially when you’re wild camping and can blast out your favourite hits!

gadgets for campervans

If you like truly innovative and cool motorhome gadgets and wild camping gear, then this BioLite Campstove Stove & Charger is for you. This stove will convert energy to charge your phone whilst heating your hands or water for a cuppa… how cool is that?

This little wood burner has a USB port, is light and compact and ideal for motorhome wild camping. Remember not to use where there is a fire pit ban in place or risk of wildfires.

motorhome gadgets and gifts

This Huawei E5577 Mobile Wifi MiFi device will pull in all the 3/4g around you and create a wifi signal for up to ten devices to create a wifi zone in your motorhome, or when you’re out and about.  

Although it doesn’t have a signal booster, we have been able to get 4G with this when our mobiles have the dreaded ‘no service’ and as it creates a wifi zone, you can use it to download where wifi is required.

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motorhome awning light

This little superstar light is 100% solar powered, portable, wireless, inflatable, waterproof (IP67 rating) and collapses flat. The LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lantern has four brightness settings and will illuminate your awning, motorhome or campervan for up to ten hours after spending the day in the sun – better than any fairy lights!

One of the most innovative and cool camping gadgets, which looks good too.

best for watching TV in a motorhome

This clever Apple Digital AV Adaptor lets you mirror what’s on your iPhone or iPad screen to the TV through an HDMI cable, meaning you can stream or download and watch later from all the UK terrestrial services, Amazon Prime, Netflix etc via your iPhone or iPad.

This is the perfect caravan gadget if you don’t have a satellite. There are other makes of adaptors on the market with lower prices, but generally, they don’t work well with Apple devices.

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great for streaming films in a motorhome

Forget the motorhome TV, this Toptro Portable Mini Projector can be used anywhere in your motorhome or awning (you might need a cube extension lead like this one) perfect for campervan life on those hot summer nights!

Just connect to your smartphone, Tv stick or streaming service and watch whenever and whatever you want!

TV wall mounting gadget for motorhomes

If you use your tv at home and in your motorhome, this handy Vision Plus Double Arm Extending TV Bracket will save you hours fiddling with screws.

With just one click, your TV is released from the heavy-duty fittings. Mounting your TV is just as easy, and with a 10-degree tilt, this is the perfect solution for easy TV viewing in your motorhome.

campervan lithium batteries

EcoFlow portable power stations combine advanced battery technology with cutting-edge design to provide electricity whenever and wherever you need it. With expandable capacity and industry-best recharge rates, EcoFlow portable power stations will never leave you in the dark.

Essentially, this is a portable version of a fitted solar system as you might find in a new motorhome, where the solar panel is on the roof and there is a charging regulator in the van.

If you’re travelling with expensive gadgets, make sure your motorhome insurance or travel insurance covers them. We recommend True Traveller which has a range of gadget insurance options.

Motorhome Gadgets for Comfort

mattress topper for motorhome beds

Good motorhome bedding is really important, especially if you live in your van full time or you’re travelling in Europe in the height of summer when it can get stuffy at night. We had cheap toppers for comfort which were ok but when the time came to change them, we stumbled upon these Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper.

This topper has literally changed my life…I’m usually quite cynical about product claims but this topper really does do an amazing job of providing comfort and keeping me cool in bed. One year in use and it continues to perform! You can also get single and bunk bed sizes.

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camping gadgets 2024

Never get sand in places you don’t want it again with this Bearz Outdoor Picnic Blanket and Camping Mat. Multipurpose and waterproof, this versatile and lightweight pocket blanket comes with its own stuff sack, which all fits into the palm of your hand when rolled up. Simple, like all the best campervan stuff!

space saving gadget for campervans

These G4Free UPF 50+ Adjustable Beach Umbrellas clamp onto your camping chairs and are perfect if you’re wild camping and don’t want to get your awning out.

The tough fabric is water-repellent and provides sun protection wherever you are. The arm is flexible so you re-position as the sun moves.  

keep warm in your motorhome

With a fiberfill interior and cluster-loft padding, this Kelty Besty Compact Blanket is the perfect size for snuggling into on a cooler evening.

With its own stuff sack, this blanket rolls down to the size of a water bottle and only weighs 250g, so easy to stow in your motorhome or rucksack, and much easier than using your sleeping bag!

best RV gadgets

No power is needed to blow up this Fatboy Lamzac Air Lounger.  Hold open, spin around and fill with air before sealing.

These fun campervan accessories are surprisingly comfortable for an afternoon snooze or a few chapters of a good book, and also entertaining for those watching you fill it with air!

top campervan gadgets

At the cool end of the accessories for camper vans spectrum is this 4 pack of Gugelives Cooling Towels which will give relief on super hot days if you don’t have air conditioning.

Once it gets a few drops of water, the structure turns the water to ice…keep in the container and whip out when the heat becomes too much to bear!

Motorhome life in a hammock, one of the top glamping gadgets

While away your afternoon on this Naturefun Ultra-Light Hammock. This hammock packs down into its integral carry sack, is really easy to set up and comes with a lifetime warranty.  

What a great addition to any motorhome gadget lover’s garage!

Best motorhome gadgets 2024

Made in France, this Para’Kito Essential Oil Diffusion Mosquito Wristband is a bracelet which contains a mosquito repellent in the form of a pellet, created using a combination of seven natural essential oils. This is the number one natural mosquito protection in France and gets rave reviews.

The oils diffuse over 15 days, so there is no need to re-apply, and they smell good too! If you do suffer from mosquito bites remember to take some antihistamine cream in your first aid kit just in case.

ear plugs for light sleepers in motorhomes

These really are the daddy of earplugs! These Dongshen EarPlugs for Sleep are made from top quality materials, will stay put all night and provide un-rivalled ear protection when sleeping in a motorhome.  

They may be slightly more expensive, but provide such great value for money; wearing them I was able to sleep in our motorhome in a truck park full of refrigerated lorries!

great bedding option for a motorhome

This Duvalay Compact Dual Season Sleeping Bag is a mattress topper, quilt and sheets all in one. Easy to roll away and store, and with a tog of 7.5, these luxury sleeping bags are perfect for motorhomes, especially if you don’t have a fixed bed. 

The soft bedding can even be put together to make a cosy double duvet.

best for keeping your campervan warm

This Warmlite Compact Oil Filled Radiator is perfect for small spaces and at only 800w, won’t kill the campsite electricity.

If you’re living in your van over winter and don’t have heaters fitted, this is the ideal solution for keeping warm on cold evenings.

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Motorhome Gift Ideas

Motorhome Gadgets for Personal Hygiene

cool camping accessories uk

By far the best portable laundry system we have tried. The Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag folds down into a small 145g parcel and cleans your clothes in a few minutes, using a minimal amount of water and effort.

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simple motorhome gadget that really works!

Probably not their intended use, but these Amasawa Ratchet Hanger Pulley Ropes make the best washing line! Hook together and pull taut using the small but effective ratchet around a tree, bush or post and you have the perfect line which is robust but thin enough for pegs.

A really versatile motorhome gadget which makes life easier, you can use these for all sorts of other jobs as well.

Your toilet cassette is only going to last so long when you’re wild camping. If you have to do your business in the wild somewhere, good practice is to do it in a hole and cover it over.

It will degrade in time and you’ve left very little trace. This Mosfiata Military Folding Shovel will do the job nicely and is definitely a contender for best camping gear 2019.

When heading off to the wilds with your folding shovel, the last thing you want is to be carrying a loo roll!  

Use these Gloyy Biodegradable Soft Compressed Tissues which expand when water is added. This set comes with a handy container for your tissues and water…no more walks of shame with the loo roll!

campervan gadgets

If you need to use the facilities in the middle of the night (and there the ones which don’t provide free paper), or you’re camping off grid, sling this bit of innovative camping equipment over your shoulder.

This Perfeclan Waterproof Toilet Roll Case keeps your paper dry and has an easy dispensing system. Genius!

coloruful loo roll holder for campers
how to stay clean wild camping

The Risepro Solar Powered Shower is great for conserving water and fuel.  Fill the bag and hang in the sun for three hours and you’ll have 20 litres of 45°c water for your shower.

If we practice the on/off/lather up/on/rinse/off method we can make this last for both of us. For other tips on staying clean wild camping, click here.

privacy tent for campers

If you’re not keen on showering in your undies or giving any fellow wild campers a display (or being arrested, remember public nudity is illegal in some countries) you may want to consider a portable camping pop-up shower tent like this WolfWise Shower Privacy Tent.

woman using a silver hairdryer

No 12v hairdryer is going to work as well as your 2000w all signing, all dancing version at home. But, if drying your hair on your motorhome travels is important then the Maso 12v Portable Hairdryer is the best of them.

I have had this for two years and it works every time and blows hot air, not a lot more to be said!

Don’t bother wasting your money on 12v straighteners, I won’t even recommend them they are so useless! Instead try Babyliss gas hair straighteners, which do a great job.

Motorhome Gadgets for the Kitchen

Top camping cooking gadgets

A great camping cooking gadget, perfect for cooked breakfasts and limits the washing up, this Five in One Lazy Pan Aluminium Frying Pan is an awesome way to start the day. Need we say more?

motorhome gadgets to make coffee

What if you’re a motorhoming coffee addict but need to save energy? Then this Wacaco Minipresso hand pumped portable espresso maker is perfect for you.

Suitable for Nespresso pods and ground coffee, it uses no electricity just pump power!  Super lightweight and compact, this is a really nifty motorhome gadget which makes me happy!

motorhome kitchen gadgets

This Znoka multi-purpose kitchen tool is the same size as a wine bottle and gives you eight handy devices to use in the kitchen.  

table top grill for campers

If you’re motorhome wild camping and want to be discreet, this tabletop Oilzz BBQ Barbecue Grill uses charcoal and is easily foldable and only weighs 1.6kg so it won’t eat up your payload (but do check that it’s ok to use as not all national parks allow charcol BBQ’s due to the fire risk).

We also carry a Cadac Carri Chef but it’s not always appropriate to get it out when wild camping, as sometimes we’re only ‘parking’! This has to be high on the list of best camping essentials, whether you’re motorhoming, campervanning or camping.

12v campervan accessories

Wherever possible use gas to boil water, it is much cheaper and more efficient. However, if you’re heading for a country where LPG is hard to find, such as Morocco or Finland, you may want to think about a 12v kettle.

From a make all motorhomers are familiar with, this Dometic 12V Kettle does actually boil the water, which many of them don’t, and takes 750ml water, enough for a few cups of tea!

best campervan gadgets for safe drinking water

Not sure of the quality of the water where you are?  Use the Lifestraw Go 2 Stage Water Filter Bottle. The replaceable carbon filtration system will remove 99.99% of things you don’t want to ingest, to give you up to 4,000 litres of drinking water.

This really is cool camping gear and a perfect gift for hikers

Fitted Motorhome Accessories

top motorhome gadgets for toilets that saves on chemicals and has no smell

Forget about unpleasant smells in the toilet and toilet chemicals, which cost a fortune. When you fit a SOG system to your toilet, a small fan starts when you open the blade and tales the smell away.

Your waste and loo paper break down naturally, until you’re ready to empty your toilet cassette. Save on chemicals and save the planet by not using them in your motorhome or caravan.

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dual purpose motorhome gadget - a handle and security device

This Fiamma Security Grab Handle is a fantastic dual purpose accessory for your motorhome. It folds across the locked door to provide an additional level of physical security, and when you’re door is open, it provides a grab handle, helpful if you’ve got a big step and little legs, like me!

Other Useful Motorhome Gadgets

12v pressure washer for motorhomes

If you travel with a dog, a surf board or stand up paddle board and don’t have a fitted external shower point, then these 12v portable water pumps will help you keep your pet and kit clean from mud, sand and salt water.

Just stick the hose in a bucket of water, plug into a 12v socket, or your dash lighter, and you’re all set to wash with a pressurised jet.

An air compressor is a great bit for blowing things up! Inflatable mattresses, rubber rings, bike tyres and blow up SUP’s and kayaks all need to be pumped up.

This Energizer portable 12v air compressor can do those job for you. It’s also handy if you like to camp off grid and use tracks that you maybe need to deflate your tyres for. With an air compressor you can just inflate them again when needed!

12v air pump for motorhomes
motrhome alarm

One of the things you absolutely should not travel without is a carbon monoxide detector (ok, you need a fire extinguisher too) This inexpensive gadgets really could save your life. Because carbon monoxide is slightly lighter than air and also because it may be found with warm, rising air, detectors should be placed on a wall about 5 feet above the floor.

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green collapsing watering can ideal for campers

We love this Colapz 2 in 1 Watering Can and Bucket. The 7 litre watering can makes a brilliant water carrier, complete with a convenient spout – water carriers don’t always have spouts and getting the water into your motorhome can be a challenge! The 9 litre bucket is handy for so many jobs, including cleaning your motorhome.

The whole thing, which is made from sturdy materials, collapses with handy storage for the spout and plug.

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good gadget for people going on holiday

For total peace of mind when away from home, this Netgear Arlo Pro 4 Smart Home Security CCTV Camera System is a completely cordless cloud-based security system, giving your 24 hour monitoring capabilities from your laptop, tablet or phone.

motorhome cleaning gadget

This small ThisWorx 12v vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to keep your van spick and span. Easy to store, it’s great at collecting crumbs, dust and the inevitable sand, that seems to get everywhere! It’s one of those really useful caravan gadgets you’ll always be glad you bought.

These plastic butchers hooks are worth their weight in gold and create storage space where there isn’t any! We have used them for so many things; hanging bananas, tea towels and utensils in the motorhome kitchen, washing from the awning when it’s raining, swimwear in the shower when on the move – they really are essential campervan gadgets!

I could site dozens of other examples but don’t want to bore you! Try these instead of suction hooks (which always fall off) and wonder why you didn’t get some before!

hooks for motorhomes

These type of fabric storage boxes are great, we have loads in the van; they do not mark or chip at your cabinetry or crash around when you’re on the move and keep everything together and in the right place.

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best storage gadget for campervans
best gadget for motorhomes

How did we not know about this wonder motorhome gadget for the first nine months of our travelling life?

3M Command Tape really does work and leaves no trace, I would even be happy using it in a hire vehicle it’s that good. As a neat freak this really pleases me!

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