Best Motorhome Kitchen Accessories, Utensils & Gadgets

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Top Kitchen & Dining Accessories for Your Motorhome

When you’re preparing and cooking meals in a small motorhome or campervan kitchen, you need to make the most of the limited space – everything you use needs to be lightweight, multi-purpose, space-saving and easy to store.

We have scoured the internet for the most ingenious motorhome and RV kitchen accessories and motorhome housewares, so you don’t have to! Whether you love to cook full-on three-course meals in your motorhome or prefer simple one pot meals, we’ve got all the handy products you need.

These are our favourite tried and tested campervan kitchen accessories, many of which are available through Amazon Prime with free delivery, usually within 24-48 hours – perfect to shop from the safety and comfort of your home, or even motorhome!

motorhome kitchen gadgets

Food Preparation Accessories & Gadgets

Prepping food in a campervan or motorhome kitchen requires organisation, and making the most of your small space. All the motorhome kitchen equipment here is multi-purpose and will make life in the kitchen just a little bit easier.

  • We love this 8-in-1 high-quality plastic bottle, which contains a funnel, squeezer, spice grater, potato masher, cheese grater, egg separator, can opener and measuring cup. It’s lightweight and easy to store too.
  • These heat-resistant flexible silicone chopping boards are lightweight and can also be used as a pot stand, making them a great addition to your tiny kitchen.
  • This nested set of kitchen utensils is a great option and includes two spatulas, a cooking spoon, a pasta server and a masher and you don’t even need a camper utensil holder as the masher doubles up!
  • Sieves and colanders take up a lot of space but are essential items. After trying a few of the folding varieties, we realised that you really need a handle – you can drain and then pop the colander in your pan without having to free up the sink.
  • These plastic stackable mixing bowls can be used for prep, to store food and for serving – although you may decide to leave the largest one at home! They come in square or round to suit your space.
  • The Tefal Ingenio range of pans is perfect for your small kitchen and easy to store, thanks to only having one detachable handle. They come in three different sizes and you can also buy frying pans separately, which fit neatly under the stack.
  • We love this stylish and lightweight titanium French press for coffee. It has a folding handle and can double up as a mug too.
  • This collapsible tupperware is a game changer. The storage containers collapse and stack neatly, making the most of your tight spaces.
  • These Brita water bottles are a great solution for clean water, especially on travel days. Instead of a jug plus a bottle, just filter directly in the bottle. They come in lots of different colours and the actual filter is small making for easy storage of spares.

Campervan & Motorhome Cooking Equipment

We’ve done lots of research into motorhome cooking – not a hardship as we love to eat! 

We’ve made bread on our Cadac in our outdoor kitchen whilst enjoying an amazing view, used an instant pot as a pressure cooker, steamer and rice cooker, cooked Christmas lunch in a Remoska in the snow-covered mountains of Spain, and made many a cheese and tomato toastie in our Ridge Monkey.

However you like to cook, whether you’re a serious baker or a one-pot master, there’s a bit of equipment that will make cooking in your van easier. You can find them all in this helpful buyer’s guide: Motorhome & Campervan Cooking Tips, Tricks & Equipment.

Motorhome Tableware

I’m a sucker for pretty tableware and over the years, have seen big improvements in what is available for motorhomers, in both design and materials. Whether you’re setting a picnic table, picnic rug or your own camping table , you’ll find the perfect dining sets here.

Melamine used to be the only option if you wanted unbreakable tableware, now there are dinner sets made from plant-based materials including Bamboo, metal, wheat straw (yes, really) and Vitrelle (a tempered glass branded as Corelle).

Each has its pros and cons: bamboo can be a bit noisy to eat from and Corelle might be a bit heavy, and the price point tends to be a bit higher. These are our favourites:

Some premium motorhomes come with special storage areas for glasses, meaning you can sip your wine or G&T from an actual glass. For everyone else, the options these days are plastic, a great alternative which can feel deceptively like glass, silicon (not for me, I think it smells funny) or stainless steel.

And what about cutlery? Well, we prefer good old-fashioned metal, but you can buy plastic, bamboo, wheat straw and ultra-lightweight titanium if you need to keep weight and rattles to a minimum in your camper van.

The Big Clean-Up

Meal over, someone has to wash up! Whether you do this in your van or use the site facilities, we’ve got the perfect camper kitchen accessories for you.

  • Everyone needs a washing-up bowl, for all sorts of jobs. But, the jury’s out for us about whether it needs to be collapsible or not. Generally, ours stays in the sink and the fruit bowl is just the right size to fit nicely inside when we’re on the road, so there’s no need for it to collapse. You can find a selection of collapsible and non-collapsible ones here, to suit your every need.
  • If you wash up in your motorhome, it’s a good idea to have some sort of drainer, unless you have a ninja dryer-up with you! This collapsible dish rack is lightweight, easy to store and drains excess water into your sink – we prefer this to the mat type, or leaving the drainer on a tea towel, both of which just collect water which contributes to condensation.
  • This collapsible basket is the ideal solution for carrying your dirty dishes to the wash-up point and doubles up as a laundry basket too.
  • And don’t forget the all-important whistling kettle, to make your evening cuppa once all the washing up is done!

Helpful Motorhome Resources

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Motorhome Kitchen Storage Solutions

Whatever your choice of cutlery, crockery and glassware, things will rattle unless you become an expert packer! Foam shaped drawer or cupboard inserts mean that you can take proper glasses, cups, crockery and even your wine stash in your caravan or motorhome overhead cupboards without fear of breakages. These are our top picks and motorhome kitchen storage ideas to make life on the road rattle and breakage-free!

  • A drawer liner will stop things moving around and rattling, and also stop the insides of your cupboards getting scratched.
  • We often get asked how to store plates in a motorhome. One option is to use padded plate storage with felt protectors to separate each plate or get one of these nifty Fiamma plate holders to keep them from moving around. If you’re using unbreakable plates, then a paper plate or layer of kitchen roll in between each one will do the trick.
  • Storage boxes stop things getting muddled in your cupboards, drawers and fridge and make packing much easier. Choose boxes with straight sides like the ones below, they help to maximise the storage space in your motorhome kitchen units. Always measure before buying, some kitchen storage containers may be too deep for your campervan storage, especially the fridge.
  • Butcher hooks are great for when you park up and can make your van home again. Perfect for hanging bananas or a mesh fruit basket, they’re a quick and easy trick to get stuff off your precious worktop space, and one of our most used motorhome kitchen items. 
  • Pan protectors stop rattles when your pans are stacked and prevent damage to the non-stick coating.
  • Double your drawer space with this compact cutlery organiser and knife holder. Double-check the depth of your drawers before ordering – if your cutlery drawer is very shallow, this solution won’t work.

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