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The Best Bike for Your Motorhome

If you’re heading off on a motorhome tour, you may want another means of transport to get about once you’re pitched up.   What is the best bike for your motorhome and needs?  Find out all the information you need to choose the best bike for your motorhome here.

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What's the Best Bike for Your Motorhome?

Cycling has evolved hugely over the past decade and there is now a type of bike for every type of cycling, this can be a bit bewildering if you just wanna get on your bike and go; use the guide below to help you decide which is the best motorhome and bicycle match for you.Motorhomes and bikes are necessary companions for a motorhome tour of Europe.  We see our bikes (and scooter, see more below) as essential to our full-time motorhome travelling, they enable us to park up and leave the motorhome and head out for the day, often to places that would be inaccessible to vehicles; we have also done some great rides for the sake of riding.  

We both have Trek cyclocross bikes, mine fitted with straight bars as I find them more comfortable.  Phil is an experienced road cyclist and is happy to go out and ride for 60 miles or more!  We find this type of bike gives us flexibility to cycle on roads and tracks.


Consider these questions before choosing the best bike for your motorhome;

  • gross vehicle weight of vehicle; e-bikes will always be heavier due to batteries, do you have capacity?
  • will you store the bike on a rack?  Racks generally need to be fitted through the rear wall of your motorhome, so this is a job for a suitably qualified fitter. There are tow bar mounted racks but these will extend the length of your vehicle at its’ lowest point and so grounding out needs to be considered, along with the weight of the bikes.  If you use a rack, there are also legal requirements regarding signage in Europe which you should familiarise yourself with.
  • will you store the bike in the motorhome garage?  Bikes always take up more room than you think and this will impact on your ability to carry a scooter for example. Folding bikes may be a good option in this case.
  • what will you do if visitors come to stay?  
  • think carefully about security…bikes are a prime target for thieves so the ability to lock them at all times is critical.
The Best Bike for Your Motorhome
La Cite, Carcassonne, France

Types of Bikes

Mountain Bike

These types of bikes have wide (26″ or 29″) knobbly tyres which mean they can be ridden on loose surfaces and over obstacles.  They have flat handlebars and solid heavier frames and components, with specialist suspension.  You can ride a mountain bike on a road, but it will be harder going than a road bike.

Road Bike

These bikes have skinny tyres and drop handlebars and rule to road due to their speed and efficiency.  The skinny tyres will power you along with little effort (unless you’re tackling an ascent!) and the drop handlebars allow for a racing position.  

Cyclocross (Gravel) Bike

Our bike of choice for travelling full time.  They have drop handlebars but wider knobbly tyres and are designed to be used on all surfaces.  You won’t get the speed and efficiency on the road as you would with a road bike, but equally too will be able to use this bike on gravel and dirt tracks.  These are great, go anywhere, do anything bikes.

Electric Bike

Sometimes called an e-bike, this bike is just like a normal bike but with a battery, motor and handlebar computer attached to give you a helping hand on or off-road, meaning you can get to more places and travel further than on a conventional bike.  These bikes now come in almost all the same types and styles as conventional bikes and some e-bikes can be linked to your smart phone, allowing you to set the assistance level based on GPS data and your route.  

These bikes will be more expensive to buy due to the battery cost and will also be more expensive to insure, with conditions regarding security mandatory.  You will also need a specialist rack capable of carrying the additional weight of e-bikes, if they are not to be stored in your garage.

The e-bike technology is rapidly evolving, make sure you discuss with a dealer or expert before deciding if and which e-bike is right for you.

Folding Bike

This is a great option if you are restricted by space and can be stowed easily but you are limited to the type of bike available.  There are many makes of folding bike, the most well-known is the Brompton because it was the first of its’ type and you can now get a folding e-bike.

Bike Trailer

The Best Bike for Your Motorhome

We also have a Burley Flatbed Cargo trailer which Phil tows with the kayak and kite surfing gear.  We also use it to take the inflated SUP’s to the beach! It collapses down quickly and takes up hardly any room, and tows like a dream.  Click here to buy this trailer from Amazon UK.


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