Fifteen Awesome Reasons to Choose Motorhome Life

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Fifteen Top Reasons to Choose Motorhome Ownership

Are you considering turning your dream of motorhome life into a reality? There are so many reasons to own a motorhome, it’s hard to list them all, but these are our top fifteen.

225,000 people in the UK own motorhomes. Motorhome ownership in the UK is sky-rocketing with current sales at an all time high as people turn their dream of the motorhome lifestyle into reality. If you’re still pondering about living in your motorhome and whether it’s right for you, read on…

motorhome life

Can you live in a motorhome full time in UK? Yes! As long as your motorhome, camper or RV is insured, taxed and has a current MOT there is nothing stopping you from full time motorhome living in the UK, or Europe for that matter. You must abide by the laws in terms of where you sleep, especially if you want to wild or free camp

Can you live in a motorhome on the street in UK or Europe? It is possible, but the likelihood is that residents would complain and you would be moved on. When living in a motorhome full time in UK or Europe it is better to be away from residential areas if free camping or on a site where services such as waste disposal and fresh water are readily available.


You can go wherever you want, whenever you want. If you fancy a road trip to chase the sun or try some motorhome skiing then camper van living could be for you. If the idea of being beholden to no-one appeals find out more about living in a motorhome full time in UK and Europe to help make your decision!


Want to spear fish in Greece, climb in the Dolomites or kite-surf in Spain? When you travel in a motor home the world is yours for the taking, you just have to go and get it!


One of the top benefits of travel is that you get to live like a local wherever you are and dive headfirst into the rhythms of your new place. Slow travel and immerse yourself in different cultures and views instead of just passing through. (Talking of learning, if you’re a newbie motorhomer or looking for tips on RV living for beginners then head across to this post packed full of motorhome tips that’s just for you!).

Getting Active

When the world is your back yard, you will inevitably be more active, which will produce more endorphins etc etc…you know the drill.  Van life is all about being outdoors, or at least under your awning!


Campervan life is a chance to live life more simply. Lack of space hones your choices of what you want and need, whether for life or a holiday. When you’re out there seeing the world, possessions don’t seem to matter as much.

To live simply, you need to ensure you have the best camper to live in, as not all are made equal! Living in a truck camper that’s nine metres long and living in a VW camper are two very different things! different things! Ask yourself these twelve questions to help choose a motorhome that’s right for you.

motorhome beginners guide

The Complete Guide for Motorhome Beginners

With our best motorhome tips and advice about motorhome basics to where to park for the night and ideas for touring Europe, this is the ultimate resource for motorhome newbies.

This motorhoming ebook will help you get to grips with the inner workings of your motorhome, giving you confidence for life on the road and your first motorhome adventure!


In your motorhome life, you will be surrounded by like-minded souls; swapping stories and information is a way of life in the motorhome community. Fellow motorhomers and RV’ers help each other out, share tools, equipment and tips. There are great forums online (including ours, obviously the best!) where you can find a wealth of information and support. 


It’s easy to meet new people when you’re living in a camper full time on a site or even wild camping. Chat to people on the next pitch or at the service point, you’ll have loads in common and be able to swap stories and trade info about the best places to stop and life on the road. You’ll meet people like you, who ‘get’ you and think about things in the same way, and you’ll make friends for life.


Full time motorhome living provides opportunity to try new things and be adventurous no matter what your comfort zone will come with every new country and stop-over. Whether it’s new food or hiking a huge mountain, try something different.


OK, your motorhome is a gas guzzler, but if you’ve lived in one for even a couple of weeks you will understand much more about water conservation and managing water and power usage far more than you ever would just flicking a switch or turning a tap at home. 

And if you’re wondering ‘can you live in a motorhome in the winter’, and how do you possibly heat the thing, then we can help you! Motorhomes can be heated via blown warm air (usually powered by electric, so better if you’re on a site) or wet heating which is powered by LPG (liquid propane gas). Both systems are incredibly efficient and if your motorhome is winterised, then you won’t need the heating on for long before you’re toasties! Imagine how small the space is compared to even a small house and you can see that even heating a motorhome can be done in an environmentally friendly way.

Sleep Anywhere!

You have so many choices when you motorhome travel; campsites, aires, free and wild camping all at your fingertips. Find out more about free camping in UK for motorhomes (and Europe for that matter!) here if you’re looking to keep the cost of living in a camper to a minimum.

You’re Always at Home

You don’t need a fixed address (unless you live on permanent motorhome sites) as your vehicle really is your home (on wheels!), a home from home you are familiar with but can take anywhere…even better than a holiday home!

Cost Savings

After your initial outlay and ongoing costs such as motorhome insurance and road tax, the cost of living in a motorhome can be surprisingly cheap. You can cook as you would at home, wild camp or stay in aires for very little money, all in the most incredible surroundings which you choose.

Off grid motorhome living does mean kitting out your motorhome properly in the first place, find out more about the essentials required for off grid wild camping here.

Motorhome life in a hammock, one of the top glamping gadgets

No Housework Required!

You’ll start by wanting to clean twice a week and have a travel iron at all times. After a few weeks, the iron will go in the bin and you’ll swipe a cloth around occasionally because you’ll know that motorhome life is for living, not cleaning! Find more campervan living tips and advice in our motorhome blog advice pages.

No Stress

Whether you holiday or live in your motorhome, it will be a stress-free zone.  There is something about this way of life that gets under your skin and forces you to relax and slow-down.  


If you’re always looking forward to your next holiday and escaping the everyday drudgery of life, then selling up and living in a motorhome will make all of that go away…you’ll be on one long holiday although we call it a lifestyle! Whether you want to escape for a grown up gap year or full time motorhome life, motorhome ownership can fulfil that dream.

Has this got you thinking?

We’ve been on a motorhome tour for two years now and have covered over 30,000 miles during our journey write about life on the road in our motorhome blog as we go. If these fifteen awesome reasons to choose motorhome life have got you interested, find out more about full-time motorhome life and how to live in a camper…you’ll never look back!


Wondering how much does a campervan cost? What about a large motorhome, are they more expensive? What van do I need to buy if I want to live full time in Europe? And what about all those  accessories needed for wild camping off-grid? If we’ve got you thinking about buying a motorhome for the first time, we can help with all of those questions.  Drop us an email or head here for more information and recommended reads.

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Fifteen Awesome Reasons to Choose Motorhome Life
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