Denmark Islands: Best 10 for an Amazing Summer Adventure

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Denmark, a Scandinavian gem, is celebrated for its charming cities, rich cultural heritage, and stunning landscapes, including its many islands.

With over 400 islands dotting its coastline, Denmark offers a myriad of summer getaways, each with its unique charm and allure. From bustling island towns filled with history and culture to serene, untouched beaches perfect for relaxation, Denmark’s islands promise unforgettable summer experiences.

Our Danish islands guide will introduce you to ten of the best islands in Denmark, each offering its own charm and attractions to make your summer vacation unforgettable.

Denmark islands

About the Danish Islands

Denmark is a country consisting of over 400 islands, around 100 of which are inhabited. The most famous Danish islands are Greenland and the Faroe Islands, which are mostly autonomous communities thousands of kilometres from Denmark in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Denmark’s largest island is Zealand, which has a size of 7,031 square kilometers. The country’s capital city Copenhagen is located on the island.

Denmark’s islands vary a lot in size, landscape, and cultural offerings. From the rugged, untouched beauty of smaller islands to the bustling activities on larger ones, Denmark’s islands cater to every type of traveller. 

Many of these islands are easily accessible by ferry, making island hopping a popular summer activity.

Each island has its unique traditions and local Danish specialities, providing visitors with diverse and enriching experiences. All of them are known for their welcoming communities. 

Whether you are looking to explore ancient ruins, enjoy fresh seafood, or relax on an unspoiled sandy beach, the Danish islands have something to offer.

10 Best Islands in Denmark

1. Lolland

Located just south of Zealand, Lolland is often paired with its neighbour, Falster. Lolland is known for its charming villages, local beer and wine, and family-friendly attractions like the Knuthenborg Safaripark. 

The island’s low-lying landscape, much of it below sea level, offers idyllic countryside views and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for unwinding.

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baot on a river backed by small thatched houses in a traditional Danish style

2. Fejø

Fejø, often referred to as the ‘Apple Island,’ is a haven of Danish hospitality and picturesque scenery. 

Situated in the Smålandshavet near Lolland’s north coast, Fejø is famous for its apple orchards and cider production. 

The island’s quaint houses and welcoming community make it a delightful destination for a relaxing getaway.

long wooden jettty with posts above the sea

3. Nekselø

Nekselø, located in the Sejerø Bay, is a small island known for its unspoiled nature and striking landscapes. 

Accessible by ferry from Havnsø, Nekselø offers visitors a chance to experience Denmark’s natural beauty. Its rugged cliffs and serene environment resemble more remote, arctic locales.

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aerial view of large sand dunes meeting the sea

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4. Tunø

Tunø, a car-free island between Jutland and Samsø, is best known for its annual music festival that draws thousands of visitors each summer. 

Outside of the festival season, Tunø is a tranquil retreat, perfect for leisurely walks and enjoying the peaceful island life. 

The island is accessible by ferry from Hou.

man walking along a sandy path with a glimpde of the sea through grassy dunes

5. Fur

In the Limfjord of northern Jutland lies Fur, an island famed for its artistic community and geological significance. 

Fur boasts numerous galleries, studios, and a museum dedicated to its rich fossil beds. 

The island’s beaches and Fur Brewery provide additional attractions for a well-rounded visit.

sea and beach framed through gorse bushes

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6. Anholt

Situated in the Kattegat, Anholt is known for its unique desert landscape and significant seal population. 

The island, accessible from Grenaa, starkly contrasts typical Danish scenery with its sandy dunes and remote feel. 

Anholt’s historical lighthouse and abundant wildlife make it an intriguing destination.

seal on a beach backed by blue sea

7. Mandø

Mandø is a tidal island in the Wadden Sea, accessible by a gravel road at low tide or by tractor bus. 

This small island is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Wadden Sea National Park. 

Mandø is known for its windmills, birdlife, seal safaris, and the natural phenomenon of ‘sort sol’ (black sun), where millions of starlings create mesmerizing formations in the sky.

white and black windmill with white sails next to a small white house surrounded by grass and wildflowers

8. Als

Als, with its rich historical significance and modern attractions, is located in southern Denmark. The island played a crucial role in the 1864 Battle of Dybbøl. 

Today, visitors can explore historical sites like Sønderborg Castle and enjoy interactive experiences at the Universe Science Park. 

Als’s natural beauty and cultural depth make it a great destination.

large water side castle seen from above with red roofed town in the background

9. Skarø

Skarø is a small island in the South Funen Archipelago known for its music festival and unique ice cream. 

Despite its modest size, Skarø offers rich natural experiences with its diverse birdlife and beautiful landscapes. 

The island’s festival and local delicacies like Skarø ice cream add a special charm to any visit.

small thatched cottage in a field of dunes and grasses with the sea in the distance

10. Bornholm

Bornholm, often called the ‘sunshine island,’ is one of Denmark’s most beloved holiday destinations. 

Located in the Baltic Sea, Bornholm is known for its dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches, and vibrant arts scene. It’s also home to some of Denmark’s best restaurants and hotels.

The island’s unique geography and plethora of activities, from cycling to exploring medieval ruins, make it an ideal spot for a varied and enjoyable summer vacation.

round white church with a thatched roof and other square buildings attached

Activities and Experiences on Danish Islands

Exploring Danish islands is all about immersing yourself in unique experiences and activities that each island offers. Here are some must-try activities:

Outdoor Adventures

Many Danish islands offer fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities. Bornholm, for example, is a paradise for cyclists and camping, with its extensive network of biking trails. 

Anholt’s desert-like terrain is perfect for hiking, while Mandø’s flat landscape is ideal for bird-watching and cycling.

Cultural and Historical Exploration

Each island boasts its own unique history and culture. On Als, you can explore Sønderborg Castle and the historical battlefield of Dybbøl. 

Fur, with its artistic community, offers a deep dive into local arts and crafts, while Bornholm’s medieval ruins provide a glimpse into the island’s storied past.

Local Festivals and Events

Many islands host annual festivals that draw visitors from far and wide. 

Tunø is famous for its music festival, which features popular Danish bands. Skarø’s festival is another highlight, bringing music and celebration to this small island.

Culinary Experiences

Sampling local food and drink is a key part of any visit. 

Fejø is famous for its apples and cider, while Fur’s brewery is a must-visit for beer enthusiasts. 

On Skarø, don’t miss out on tasting the famous Skarø ice cream.

Relaxation and Nature

For those looking to unwind, the Danish islands offer plenty of peaceful retreats. Lolland’s serene beaches and picturesque villages provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation. 

Similarly, the unspoiled nature of Nekselø and the tranquil environment of Tunø offer ideal settings for a restful holiday.


Denmark’s islands offer a wealth of experiences for every type of traveller. From the historical and cultural richness of Bornholm and Als to the serene beauty of Fejø and Nekselø, there is no shortage of options for a memorable summer vacation. 

Whether you’re looking to relax on a beach, explore local traditions, or enjoy unique festivals, the Danish islands provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience. 

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Denmark islands
Denmark islands
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