Ten Truths of Travelling Together

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The Highs & Lows of Traveling Together

Long term travelling as a couple takes commitment and a lot of work. Travel together and you will grow as a couple, strengthen your bonds and share the most incredible experiences, which can only make them more special. Here’s why.

Judging by the number of couples travel quotes out there, plenty of you are heading off to see the world as a travelling twosome. From your first weekend trip together to traveling Europe as a couple, we share the highs and lows of travelling together and our tips to help love on the road thrive.

It Takes Two

Working together to solve problems, plan a trip or conquer unknowns is powerful and one of the best reasons to travel as a couple. Team work to overcome adversity develops trust, and respect will evolve as you recognise each other’s strengths. If you can get through all the challenges that come with long-term travel, then you can get through anything together.

Our Tip – Successful travelling couples practice unconditional positive regard when things are tricky. We all make mistakes under pressure and the blame game is not helpful when you’re on the road.

Grow Together

When you explore together, you’ll have many amazing couples bucket list travel experiences. Being able to share them with the person you love, who also happens to be your travelling companion, intensifies the experience and opens your mind to other perceptions. These shared encounters and events connect you and help lead you to a deeper understanding of your partner and what makes them tick. 

Our Tip – Listen to, and embrace your different views and learn to appreciate them in each other.  Life (and couples travel) would be boring if we were all the same.

Travelling together

Know the Real Person

Away from work and the social norms, with nothing but time and plans, you’ll find space to talk, debate and discuss. With this will come a deeper insight and understanding of your partner and how you both feel about key life issues, from relationships, politics, religion and everything in between.

Our Tip – Don’t expect to agree all the time. Discuss major differences of opinion that are fundamental to your values and beliefs and work out if they are going to impact long term.  

Celebrate Your Differences

Travel as a couple gives you the perfect opportunity to observe each others idiosyncrasies. They may seem small, but when you’re on the road together, day in, day out, quirks can feel much bigger than they really are. You may be lucky enough to follow the same showering routine, driving style or packing habits, but when your other half has whistled ‘American Pie’ (badly) for the 100th time as you drive your campervan around New Zealand, a deep breath may be required!

Our Tip – Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Learn to see past it.  Or, arrange for a few days of non couple travel and do your own thing.

Ideas for Couples Travel

See the Worst

When you’re tired and your day hasn’t quite worked out, it’s likely you’ll take out your negativity on the one constant in your travelling life. Hungry, angry, tired and sick are all factors that will have you reaching for your stress ball of a travel mate.   

Our Tip – If you’re feeling slightly more positive, bouy up your other half until you’ve had a beer and something to eat. Find someone else to talk to or share your meal with; other people can help diffuse tense situations. It will pass and you’ll learn to know the signs of an impending meltdown.

Falling Out is Hard to Do

All couples that travel together fall out.  Manage your expectations around that from day one.  When it happens it will feel like hell until you resolve whatever the cause was.

Our Tip – Big shouty arguments are not ideal on the road.  Learn to recognise the signs and respond before you act in the heat of the moment.  Storming out of a hotel room or hostel into the night of a foreign city is never a good idea.  Budget travel can often be a catalyst; agree how you will spend your money before you leave and stick to it.

Have Fun!

See each other at your best; glowing from the sun, laughing and carefree. If you’re into adventure travel, share the adrenalin rush together. Knowing this version of your best selves will help you appreciate your worst selves and laugh instead of cry when the going gets tough.

Our Tip – Laugh; the more you do it, the more you will.

Travelling as a couple

Make Memories

You will look back on this time when you’re older and be in awe of all the things you did and places you saw. You may travel long into your lives or this may be your one ‘big’ trip together before careers, kids and bills get in the way.  Whichever, the memories you make will carry you through tough times and tide you over when things get hard.

Our Tip – Live in the moment, you will never have this time again.  Glory in being free and having the world at your feet.  Take lots of photographs.

Find Purpose

Don’t slob around in yesterday’s pants, and aspire to be a travel bum. Find a purpose as you travel together. This may be working as a digital nomad, blogging and sharing travel tips, taking an online course or capturing your travels on whichever social media is your bag. Whatever it is, purpose brings interest, debate and meaning to your relationship.

Our Tip – Find ‘me’ time to pursue your thing; you can’t be on the road all the time.

Give Your Time

Couples travelling together should make time for each other. It’s easy to get caught up in social media, planning and working out where you’re stopping tonight. Making time means listening, supporting and being in the moment, together.

Our Tip – Put down the devices, forget social media and give 100% unadulterated you to the person you love.

Couples should travel together. You will be stronger, aligned and connected through shared travel experiences. If you can travel together, you can do anything together! Check out these travelling together quotes for more inspiration.

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Ten Truths of Travelling Together
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