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Welcome to our resources page, where you’ll find information about all the resources we use for motorhome life.

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Motorhome Ebooks

motorhome ebooks

Comprehensive ebooks and guides to help you with every aspect of motorhome life.

Motorhome Itineraries

Motorhome & Road Trip Checklists

motorhome packing list

Our range of motorhome and road trip checklists, planners and ebooks, held in our secure resources library for subscribers.

Motorhome & Campervan Rental

Our go-to for a motorhome staycation, or starting a trip in the UK.  With responsive customer service, unlimited miles and breakdown assistance included, you’ll find renting hassle free from Spaceships Rentals.

If you’re planning on flying to Europe and hiring a campervan or motorhome on arrival, Indie Campers are absolutely the best choice.  With a great range of locations and outstanding reviews, you’ll love their offer.


Our trusted insurance partner, who has insured our motorhomes for years.  We always receive excellent and personal customer services, often speaking to the same staff time and again.  

Our favourite travel and medical insurer.  Don’t worry if you’ve already been abroad for months on end, they don’t need your last ten years of address information!  They also offer the most comprehensive activities cover on their backpacker policy that we’ve seen, offering sports as standard that other insurers don’t include. And don’t worry, they are still often the best value for money!

Motorhome Equipment

Always our top choice for motorhome accessories and products, due to the superior quality.  If you’re looking for an awning, bike rack or door locks, then this is the best brand.

Motorhome Workshops

If you’re in the south of England, Solar Solutions offer everything you need for your motorhome.  Not only can they supply and fit solar panels, but they also deal with refillable gas, satellite systems, electrics, SOG loos and lots more. They always provide great service, working to your timelines at a fair price.

If you’re in Spain we can highly recommend Caravanas Murcia, just outside the city of Murcia.  Their workshop can deal with anything you need fixing or fitting and the staff speak English too.  They have fitted a reversing camera and SOG loo for us and identified and fixed issues with the fridge and solar panels with all work completed to a high standard.

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