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Why We Bought an Overland Truck

Are you a motorhomer, van lifer or overlander? And does it really matter? We’ve recently made a decision to change our van for something a bit different, which has made us think about how we describe ourselves and our lifestyle. Having lived full-time in a motorhome for three years, we consider ourselves motorhomers. But, with the change of vehicle comes a whole new perspective, and a recognition that whether we consider ourselves motorhomers, campervanners, caravanners…
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An Easy Guide to Motorhome Gas & LPG

All modern motorhomes have an onboard leisure gas system fitted to fuel the water boiler, heating, fridge, gas hob and oven. There are several different ways that motorhome gas can be supplied and lots of confusing terminology, we’re here to take you through how motorhome gas systems work and which are the best options for your van.
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