Living in a Motorhome

Camper tips & tricks

20 Amazingly Simple Camper Hacks

We’ve learnt a few tricks in the past couple of years about motorhome life and how to make things just a little bit easier.  From money-saving storage ideas to sanity-saving hacks, there’s something here for you!

winter motorhome

Winter in a Motorhome – Tips, Tricks & Essentials

Travelling and living in a motorhome in winter can be really special – think a cosy van, snuggly blanket and hot chocolate from your whistling kettle, along with clear crisp winter sun days and blissfully quiet campsites. To really enjoy winter in a motorhome, your van and gear need to be properly prepared. We’ll show you how!

two years of motorhome travel

Two Years of Motorhome Life – What Have We Learned?

Back in May 2020, we reached a milestone – we had been travelling Europe in a motorhome full time for two years! These are our thoughts, musings and lessons learned in our second year of full time motorhome life.

cost of travelling europe in a campervan

What Is the True Cost of Touring Europe in a Motorhome?

Are you planning a tour of Europe in your motorhome or camper van? Find out about the cost of travelling Europe in a motorhome or campervan and whether you need a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to finance your trip.


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