Best Things to Do in Bruges: 23 Amazing Highlights

things to do in Bruges

If you’re wondering about the best things to do in Bruges, you’ve landed in the right place. Bruges, or Brugge in Dutch, is often dubbed the ‘Venice of the North’ offering a rich tapestry of experiences, from its medieval architecture to its mouthwatering Belgian cuisine. In our Bruges travel guide we’re sharing the best places to stay, must-try foods, and the ultimate things to do in Bruges, and beyond.

Beautiful Albania: 16 Most Scenic Places to Visit

beautiful Albania

Albania is an often underrated European gem situated in the Balkan Peninsula. This captivating destination offers a unique blend of beautiful mountainous landscapes, historical towns dating back to the Byzantine times, and scenic beaches. Let us share beautiful Albania with you, and inspire you to visit this picturesque country and fall in love with its beauty. 

Nomad eSIM: The Best eSIM for Europe?

Nomad eSIM

Are you traveling to Europe and thinking about buying a Nomad eSIM so you can stay connected? We’ve been using Nomad eSIMs across Europe for 6 months and in this Nomad eSIM review and guide, we’ll answer all your frequently asked questions, look at using a Nomad eSIM in Europe and share our Nomad review.

Best Cities in Austria for an Amazing Visit!

best cities in Austria

Austria is a treasure trove of cultural and natural beauty and the best cities in Austria offer a wealth of experiences whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or an outdoor enthusiast. In this Austria travel guide, we’ll share the top cities, towns, and charming fairytale villages. Whether you’re curious about where to find the best ski slopes or the ideal place for a romantic holiday, here are some of the best cities in Austria to explore.

Beautiful Places in Sweden: Discover the Best Spots to Visit

beautiful places in Sweden

With its dancing Northern Lights, vibrant cultural attractions, and captivating natural wonders, Sweden enchants visitors from the first glimpse. Prepare to find the most beautiful places in Sweden to travel as you journey across sweeping landscapes steeped in legends, roam medieval city streets, cruise between tiny coastal islets, and sleep beneath the magical glow of the aurora – Sweden promises epic adventures and primal beauty in spades.

Southern Italy: Discover the Best 33 Places To Visit

Southern Italy

One of the oldest inhabited regions in Europe, Southern Italy is awash with archaeological sites, beautiful small towns, picture perfect beaches, and local culture. One of our favorite places in Europe to visit, we share the very best Southern Italy destinations, from heel to toe and everything in between, including the well-known big hitters and a few lesser-known hidden gems.

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