Wild Camping

29 of the Best Motorhome Apps – Free & Downloadable Now!

free overnight motorhome parking uk app

Looking for free parking or a campsite on your motorhome trip? Or apps that make life on the road that bit easier? Find the top 29 FREE motorhome apps in this ultimate guide. Just head to the App Store or Google Play and download!

Eleven Ways to Stay Clean Wild Camping

It’s important to maintain personal hygiene whether you’re hiking with a backpack, spending a week in a tent or living in a motorhome. Staying clean on a camping trip is easy if you follow our guide and tips on camping hygiene, managing water consumption and minimising your impact on the environment.

Eight Motorhome Wild Camping Myths…Busted!

motorhome at dusk in the mountains of France

In the motorhome and camper community, we often hear tales about wild camping; the practice of finding somewhere to park and stay in your motorhome that is not a campsite or Aire and is free. For us, wild camping also means an awesome view and not many other vans around. A lot of stuff we hear about wild camping and its’ risks is just not accurate; here are eight motorhome wild camping myths…busted!

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