Month: December 2018

How to Visit Seville in One Day

How to Visit Seville in One Day

Seville is hot, steamy and so very Spanish! A gorgeous city, full of colour and atmosphere. This quintessential Andalucian city is perfect for wandering, with cool bars and cafes on every corner, perfect to enjoy tapas and a glass of crisp white wine whilst watching the world go by. If you are road tripping in Spain, then visiting Seville is a must, follow our Seville one day tour here!

How to Visit Cordoba in One Day

How to Visit Córdoba in One Day

Home to the famous and breathtaking Mezquita, Córdoba is a sublime city. Rich in history, architecture and Spanish charm, you can easily wander the streets and alleys for hours, soaking up the heat and atmosphere whilst stumbling upon gorgeous plazas and cool bars around every corner. If you’re road tripping Spain, then don’t miss Córdoba!