Month: September 2018

Hiking the Pyrenees

How to Hike Mont Ne & Lac de Bareilles

With far reaching panoramic views across the Pyrenees and a beautiful lakeside spot for lunch, this adrenalin pumping Mont Né and Lac de Bareilles hike is a favourite.

Pyrenees hiking

How to Hike Pic de Tentes & Port de Boucharo

The hike up the Pic du Tentes from the Col de Tentes, followed by an easy amble out to the Port de Boucharo, is perfect for day when your legs need a rest from the larger mountains. The views are incredible and Spain is so close you could just keep going….

Best Pyrenees hikes

Cirque de Gavarnie Hike – All You Need to Know

The Cirque de Gavarnie hike in the Pyrénées mountains of France is relatively easy and very family friendly. Much of this gentle route is within the Cirque, where you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the many waterfalls that cascade down the walls of the Cirque.