One Day City Itineraries

I know what you’re thinking… ”cities are some of the most iconic places on earth, with crazy good cool stuff to see and do but you want me to spend just one day there?”

Yep, that’s the idea. Who has time these days to visit every museum, statue, great restaurant and must see place that Billy’s Aunty Margaret said is amazing? We’re all too busy trying to get to the next place, the next plane or to hit the road. Here’s what you get…

  • Information on seasons and weather and which times of the year are the best to visit. Don’t blame us if it rains or you spend 10 hours in a queue. Just saying.
  • Recommendations for place to sleep. Our picks are usually in the heart of the action to maximise time and include luxury, mid-range, buget and hostel options.
  • City itineraries which take you to the most important must see and do attractions, no more FOMO! Organised by morning, afternoon and evening, we won’t dictate timings because we presume you’re an adult who has a watch, or phone….
  • Ideas for places to eat. No Michelin stars here, just good local food, fairly priced, which we and our writers have enjoyed. 
  • Tips about how to get the most from your 24 hours. These are as eclectic and varied as our writers, and ALWAYS come from personal experience. “Don’t try haggis” is our current favourite.
  • Ideas for if you have just a little longer to spend in the city. You’ll find day trips, attractions and more off-the-beaten-path options. 

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