Welcome to the March 2021 issue of Motorhome Gadgets!

This month we’re featuring the top new motorhome, campervan and camping gadgets for 2021, plus gadgets that help you stay safe when you’re travelling. 

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Ever been wild camping and miscalculated how much leisure battery juice you have to power your devices at the end of a day? Yep, us too.  With the NowLight, just pull the cord and create enough energy to power the light itself your phone and other devices. This nifty lamp can also harness the power of the sun and weights just 2kg. 

The Uniharpa self cleaning stainless steel water bottle uses non-toxic inbuilt UV light to stay clean, as well as being able to sterilise small devices such as phones, jewelry and coins using the lid of the bottle.  Charge via a USB and get 5-7 days of clean water and sterilisation.

Plug in to any usb port or USB battery pack and the Luminoodle LED Light Rope will illuminate your awning, campervan or pitch. It comes complete with reusable utility ties and magnets for hanging and can be used in its own  rip-stop nylon carry bag as a hanging lantern. 

Not a new concept, but Chipolo emits a sound loud enough (120db) to find your keys, phone or whatever you’ve attached it to, instantaneously. Opt for the new Ocean colour-way and know that you’re helping remove plastic from the oceans.

Healthy, lightweight and easy to use, this Miliqi portable smoothie maker is perfect your the motorhome or campervan. With a good size USB_rechargeable battery, this blender will make 10-15 smoothies from one charge.  It’s easy to wash and weighs just 530g!

The Skyroam Solis is a sim card, wifi hotspot and mobile router all in one.  If you don’t have roaming with your phone contract, or don’t want a contract, this device can get data anywhere. Great for shorter motorhome trips to the continent, just download the app, link to the device and load up with data online.

We just upgraded to the Mavic Mini 2 and it’s a seriously impressive bit of kit. Weighing in at a gram under the 250g limit, this drone can be flown in almost any situation, once you’ve taken the Civil Aviation Authority theory test. It’s compact and well designed – choose the Fly More Combo for extra batteries and a carry case.

Leave your bulky camera at home and turn your iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet into a high-performance camera with the Sony QX10 Lens. Get up close with its 10x Optical zoom, smooth image stabilisation and capture those special moments even in low light conditions. 

This LeadLife UV sanitising wand means you can sanitise all your bits and pieces as well as anything you buy and bring back to your van. Chargeable via USB and large enough to santisie big items, this really is a must have travel gadget for 2021.

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