Welcome to the December issue of Motorhome Gadgets! This month we’re featuring the top ten best-selling motorhome gadgets and gifts from 2020 across all our buyers guides.  Have a very happy Christmas! 

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This favourite is one of our top sellers. Covering wild places, mountains, islands, events and points of interest, this classic Great British Adventure Map folds out to both inspire your travels and take you to some of the best places that Great Britain has to offer. 

The longest serving Garmin Camper and cheapest in the range, the Garmin Camper 770 LMT-D still offers everything you need in a basic motorhome sat nav.  It’s been superseded by the Garmin Camper 780 and 785, which have extras such as voice activation and a larger screen, but if you just need it to do what it says on the tin, this is the Garmin sat nav for you.

This sleek and lightweight Vanvo Mini Projector can be connected to a phone or tablet to watch your favourite movies and box-sets, projected onto pretty much any surface.  No motorhome TV? No issue, just connect and watch!

If the idea of drinking wine or G&T out of a plastic glass horrified you, then you’re not alone. These IMEEA Brushed Stainless Steel Goblets are a firm favourite, won’t break and feel gorgeous to drink from – perfect for your evening tipple. 

We love LuminAID lights and this LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lantern also charges your phone!  Waterproof, collapsible and lightweight…perfect to light up your motorhome Christmas!

This Synio Shower Attachment is a must carry in every wash bag. Designed to hold in the button which shuts off your shower water, this genius little invention is on lots of people’s Christmas lists!

Still incredibly popular, a Kindle Paperwhite really is a must have for motorhome travellers. I can travel with over 5,000 books to read without worrying about weight, power or space. This is a great Christmas gift if you other half likes a good book.

These Amasawa Ratchet Hanger Pulley Ropes are a great addition to any motorhome garage. With literally hundreds of uses, they make great washing lines, carry straps, restraining ties….the list is endless.  One of the our best-selling motorhome gadgets.


This Conqueco Travel Espresso Machine comes with a rechargeable lithoum battery which can be used with a USB or 12v charger.  Compatible with Nespresso pods, it’s the perfect way to make your morning coffee.